Courage Martial Arts was founded in 2019 by a group of instructors and students looking to build a positive community focused on personal growth through martial arts training.  Through the pillars of family, leadership and confidence the instructors focus on growth of all aspects of student development.



Karate: Means empty hand.

Dojo: Means place of the way. It is a place for training.

Kata: A Japanese word that means “form”.  In martial arts it is used to describe a series of movements that are memorized and practiced in unison while training.  This repetition enables the focused improvement of these movements over time.

Oss: yes/understood – has various meanings including as an acknowledgement and sign of respect.

Sempai: senior (a title used at Courage Martial Arts once a student becomes a black belt).

Sensei: teacher (a title awarded at Courage Martial Arts to individuals that provide instruction).

Dojo Etiquette

We bow when we enter the dojo as a sign of respect and humility.

When working with a partner we bow to each other before starting the activity to show respect to each other.


Start of class:

Line up with our classmates to show respect.  White/lower belts line up to the left with highest belts to the right.  This is how we show respect to the efforts of others at the dojo.

1st bow: shows respect to the history and lineage of karate (students acknowledge by saying: oss)

2nd bow: shows respect to the instructor leading the class (students acknowledge by saying: oss)

3rd bow: shows respect to classmates (students acknowledge by saying: oss)

At the end of class we say thank you Sensei.